10 Asanas That Actually Work

10 Asanas That Actually Work The internet is flooded with suggestions for losing weight, but you shouldn't fall prey to false promises. Instead, trust yoga for weight loss, particularly these 10 asanas. Most of us associate yoga with meditation and mindfulness. That’s because yoga is all about being slow and steady, and that’s why no one could think of it as a weight loss tool. But that’s not the case. If yoga is done properly and with dedication, you can see quick results. It doesn’t just boost your flexibility, mental health, but also burns calories quickly.  Weight loss has become an important goal for all of us; don’t we all want a toned body? Haven’t we all tried strict dieting and intense physical workouts? Yet, we have failed. But yoga can offer you many more benefits than other exercises, aiding in your journey to weight loss.  Unlike dieting and exercising, yoga promotes the feeling of fullness, freshness and energizes, which ultimately improves your ment

9 Reasons To Incorporate Yoga Meditation And Mindfulness Into Your Life

9 Reasons To Incorporate Yoga Meditation And Mindfulness Into Your Life I'm an idealist, columnist & traveler helping people connect through personal discovery. Stay inspired! Read full profile I’m mindful. Mindful in running down my to-do list, my wish list, my dream list, my ‘it seems impossible’ list. Mindful of the demands of life, work, relationships, communication, travel, meetings, traffic, and a constant conversation of positives and negatives having an NPR style narrative in my head. Sure, I’m mindful. I’m a yoga instructor. It comes naturally, right? But the reality is, so much of the “mindfulness” in our mainstream is a cheap imitation of real connection, a desire to fast track our minds to a calm, focused space where we can be happy — but without much work, of course. Being mindful is about being an impartial observer. It’s the ability to stay present in your moment without allowing the mind to get side-tracked. We all kn